How to Start an Online Business

Updated: Dec 17, 2020


The most common mistake that we make when starting a business is finding a product first and then researching our market, when we should actually be looking to find a problem that you have or find a group of people who shares the same issue and are looking for answers that are similar to yours and then try and solve that problem.

With the use of the internet market research has become much easier, your options are limitless you can visit forums to see what questions persons are asking, do keyword searches to find keywords that people are searching and so much more. One of the keys to a successful business is by scouting out your competition and finding solutions to the problems that customers have with them and then build a solid brand around your new found niche.


Your aim is to always gain new customers and ones that will actually buy into our product/services. Use a proven sales copy formula that will assist your visitors through the process of right down to the moment when they decide to make a purchase:  Write compelling Headlines.

  • Describe detailed descriptions of the problem that your product solves.

  • At all time show your credibility as a solver of the problem.

  • If you have a testimonial of persons who has used your product now is a good time to use them.

  • Be sure to talk about your product and its benefits to its targeted audience.

Make an offer and the rest should be history, remember that not all sales will lead to a yes as much as how we would want it to, but for every, no’s there is at least 3 yes. Be sure to focus on how unique your product is and how it will make their lives better.


 So by now, you would have your product and an awesome selling formula. It's time to bring your new brand to the web.  As a web designer, my advice to you would be to keep it simple as you have a fewer than 10 seconds to capture attention.

You could try using popular DIY  sites such as WordPress/ Squarespace but if you're not the crafty kind, find a web designer that understands your needs and will take you through the smooth process of building the brand that you need.


Provide information to other sites about who you are and what it is that you do, by doing this you will start to see traffic and be able to better you search engine rankings.

The trick to this method is to include links to your site as well as becoming active in forums and on social media platforms where your target audience hangs out.

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