The ambition Academy serves to give busy women  a clear vision on how to strategically accomplish your business and marketing goals. Their mission is to impact the lives of busy women by helping them to confidently walk in their purpose and drastically transform their lives and businesses.

ServicesBranding, Web Design, Print Collateral and , Social Media Branding.


It took us a total of 6 weeks to carefully craft her brand. We eliminated any distracting colors from the overall brand identity to allow her images to stand out. Simple, readable, classy was the aim and of course, we wanted it all to be pleasing to the eyes.  We added a light pink color scheme and created a brand that both Fatima and her client would love.​

The website was built base on the theme classic with a bit of edge and showcased the feel of her services, experiences, and personality.  the design of her strong image-based logo offers a unique, bold and classic statement depicting an academy to match her school theme and also to allow easy transition between the various collateral items requested. From Website Design to the branded style guide. It’s all intention and it all works.

"Amazing service and what’s better is the fact that she took my vision and exceeded every expectation! every time. I am so pleased! She went above and beyond ensuring that I was comfortable and satisfied with the project, she ensured that I was always updated with the progress. Plus I love when people are honest and she was very honest about some things that some people would have still tried to take my money knowing it wasn’t something I needed. I will be using Sabrina Evans Design Studio again!"

- Fatima Barnes